Tobruk Company For Lubes & Greases Distribution

Introduction about the company

It is Libyan joint stock company belongs to the private business and its main site in

Tobruk city where as the company distributes the Lubes and the greases and it contracts with the most important companies in the Lubes and the greases industry field according to the scientific specification .

about us

Our mission :

We are Keen to provide the latest development and it is the fully synthetic type that is considered the best in terms of the quality of Lubes because it provides the fastest lubrication for the engine in addition it serves to reduce of the fuel consumption consequently it provides the best protection under the maximum temperature .

Our vision & the goals :

We are Keen to be the most prominent provider for the Lubes & the greases to distributing in Libya taking care to select the high quality Lubes corresponding the scientific and the international specification and since the company was established it aims to provide the quality products to achieve the optimal performance of your engine .

– better protection  under the maximum temperature

– economical consumption of the fuel up to 4% .

Company activity :

The company strives to investigate  accurately in dealing with the international

Companies in order to provide the most important international products at high quality such as :

1- petromin 10.30    

2- Vulcan 50.20  

3- Magnum 20.50 

4- Zinol 5.30, 10.40

5- Total 2.50         

6- the French Lubs  HD50 , HD60  and other various types .

Contact Us :




WhatsApp : 00971562074535


Abdullah Idris

Marketing Manager