Tobruk Company
For Oxygen

Introduction about the company :

We are Libyan stock joint company serves to produce the oxygen using PSA factory

Taking care to buy the most successful technology in the world and our business revolves

Around the quality in this industry . 

Our mission :

we serve to provide low cost of the gaseous oxygen distinguished purity 95% per volume and we strive to provide our clients’ needs in Tobruk city and all Libyan cities .

Our vision & the goals :

we hope to be the most prominent manufactures of liquid oxygen according to

the general accepted specifications consolidating our communications with the most important oxygen producers in the world  and participating in the scientific seminars and research papers in this aspect in order to develop our engineers’ efficiency to ensure our country service well .

Company activity :

the company runs cryogenic oxygen generation that it is considered advanced

industrial facility where as the oxygen is produced by the above mentioned technology with filling machine then the oxygen is transferred to the gas cylinders using advanced technology .

the cryogenic air unit achieves obtaining the purity percentage exceeding 99.98 %

 there for it could be kept in liquid form then  the filling in the cylinders is performed and the cylinders could be distributed to the clients to use in the medical sector , the welding , fish farms , chemical industries , water treatment , metals & glass cutting as such the gas can be mixed with other gases  in addition it can be used as breathing gas by the divers .


Contact Us :

Abdulsatar Rajab

Commissioner General



Abdullah Idris

Marketing manager



Hamed Idris

Operation Manager