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Dar Esalam Tobruk Holding Company

We are proud that all our services are developed and under the supervision of a highly qualified elite

Our Mission

"Our mission is to emerge as the premier investment holding company focusing on the Libyan region. We draw on our strong team experience and the network of our principal investors to generate superior returns for our stakeholders, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of Libya economy.”

Our vision

“Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of Libya economy by building market leading businesses through our focused approach, and continuous enhancement of our shareholders' value.”

Dar Esalam Tobruk Holding Company!

Introduction about the company :

We are a holding company that manages a portfolio of diversified businesses through our subsidiary companies and joint venture partnerships operating in Healthcare, Medical Devices, Oil Trade and Environment sectors globally, with a sizeable footprint in the Lybia .

We thrive on our strong relationships with co investors and lenders, and continuously endeavour to create synergic business opportunities organically and inorganically, leading to shareholders value maximization over medium and long periods of times .

We provide a professional work environment and career development opportunities to our multicultural and highly talented employees who are also our proud ambassadors to internal and external communities

Our Values

we construe Integrity as the fundamental pillar of our business and existence
Ambition :
we set high performance standards for ourselves and continually aspire to achieve them
we believe in forming sustainable business alliances that provide impetus to our success and growth
Social Responsibility:
we remain mindful of our social responsibility and contribute towards sustainable development of the society.
Constantly come up with the best and most innovative way to do things. Not only sees, but creates valid relationships between seemingly disconnected elements, frequently synthesizes odd combinations to the benefit of the organization and the customers

The subsidiary companies

Why choose us

More About Us

Why choose us

also it is Libyan company belongs to the private Business sector and its site in Tobruq city. The company performs is carrying out , Financing and supervising for number of industrial , economical , and serving projects .

Our experience

Years of continuous work in the field of medical supplies
We have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of oxygen
Our partnerships extended for several years in importing oils